For Business Owners/Ambassadors

If you have a product or service that you would like me to review, feel free to get in touch! Please keep reading to gain an understanding about the terms of my services.

Working with you and your brand will be my pleasure as long as it caters to my niche and my readers’ interests.   Reviews will appear on the website ideally within two to three weeks time after receiving the product in the mail or the initial contact from you regarding the business proposal. If you require the review sooner than this time frame, you are free to let me know beforehand and arrangements will be made accordingly.  Since it is a honest review, and for some reason, I am unable to come up with a positive experience of your product or your business, before posting it on my site, I would be contacting you to seek guidance.  I would not be posting the review if you are unwilling to proceed further in that case. On the other hand, a positive review, when posted will carry a link back to your business page, in effect gaining you traffic directly from my blog. My aim is to put my two cents in and help you take your business to the next level with my review services.

I also help the brands further by arranging giveaways as well, often as part of product reviews. Giveaways are a great tool to gain more exposure for your business since marketing is done widely through out all the social media channels by promoting the product consistently during the course of the giveaway time frame. At the end of the giveaway, the prize will be shipped by you directly to the winner/winners of the giveaway with no cost to them.

 How to get my services

Please use the contact form with the subject line “Product/Business Review Request” . Please do not hesitate to add any details about your business, like the website address so that I would be able to take an initial look at it to get things started right away. This would also be the time for you to request a media kit from me if it interests you at all.

 Advertising of your Business

I like to thank you for your interest in placing advertisements in my page.  Please be mindful my website is a place for Finance and other business related topics and images. I would not be interested in any offers for advertisements that are deterrent to this principle.  Vinma Joseph, the website is also not the space to post spam ads or any theories or ideas that could entertain gender/race/sexual discrimination.  Please use the contact form  for information on pricing package and options (Media Kit). Discounts will be available with appropriate options.

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